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Having built expert teams in embedded system engineering and design, EmDesic is uniquely placed to offer services in total products development - from requirements capture to architecture, design, implementation and support during deployment. Design experience and domain knowledge garnered over the years help our core team to deliver quality, cost effective solutions in the shortest time frame. The implementation service is backed with excellent support during deployment and product sustenance through enhancements and feature additions.


  • End-to-end Solutions for Mobile Wireless Industry
  • Embedded Software development for SoC with ARM core (TI OMAP2420,OMAP2430,OMAP3430, TI DM270,DM320, Freescale i.MX, Intel Xscale, Infineon Mobile Platforms)
  • Mobile Terminal Applications
  • OS,bootcode and Application porting
  • Board Bringup,Chip Bringup
  • Linux based BSP, Wince BSP, BSPs for Custom RTOS
  • Driver development on Linux,Win CE, Custom RTOS
  • Latest Mobile platforms like Android,Maemo,Palm WebOS
  • Linux OS customization to suit different solutions(Mobile,networking etc), porting for new
    processors, new hardware
  • Audio/Video: Standard and High-definition systems for multi-channel Audio & Video capture,
    processing, recording, streaming and playback.
  • Video For Linux 2 Driver development
  • Application Integration
  • Hardware verification,redesign


  • Market study: Research products features requirement and competition offering
  • End-to-end design services: Requirements capture, architecture, design, prototyping, validation and support during deployment
  • Sub-systems design: Boards, FPGAs and software components
  • System simulation and verification: Performance measurements in simulation environments design fine tuning
  • Production diagnostics
  • Management and configuration software
  • Support during deployment
  • Product sustenance: Continued support for changes & enhancements throughout the life cycle of the product.

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